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Monsters Paradise

Creator: Zombie1111

Maptype: Adventure (Fight_Pvp_Pvm)

MC version: 1.16.3

Date submitted: 2020-09-11

Downloads: 285

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Gametime for map: 140min. Map size: 13.59mb. Map version: 1.4.

Map detailed description:
This is an improved version of my previous map Battle time 2. Fight mobs in a large open area. Build and defend your own village. Kill mobs and get emeralds to trade/buy better and better equipment. Try to complete all main quests to win a game,

+62 different buildings for you to explore.
+3 fun and unquie gamemodes.
+A brand new tutorial that will help you get started.
+Multiplayer friendly
+Over 42 different quests.
+Neutral disasters, Events, Custom mob abilities, Bosses and more.
+An updated wave system and fight area.
+More mob levels and equipment upgrades.
+Much less bugs.
+Start a new game when you win or lose the previous game.
+Easier to play, Separate room for experts and complete customization.

Have fun and be nice.

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