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Creator: zombie1111

Maptype: Parkour (Parkour)

MC version: 1.16 snapshots

Date submitted: 2020-05-23

Downloads: 41

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Gametime for map: 30min. Map size: 3.2mb. Map version: 1.0.

Map detailed description:
this map is for 1.16 snapshots (20w21a)
Parkour in three diffrent main worlds (air parkour, jungle parkour and parkour lines) with diffrent difficulties, details, and more!
This is for the most part a quite easy parkour map but there is some harder jumps!
Parkour diffrent environments like jungle, nether, the end, winter land.
This map will give you around 30min of gameplay to complete all three parkours one time but!
You are able to play the same parkour how many times you want and get better and better high scores!
Can you beat my high scores?
Your best high scores will automatic be saved and you can just press one single button to see them!
here is my records!

map gameplay video by nightowl:

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