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battle time 2

Creator: zombie1111

Maptype: Adventure (Fight_Pvp_Pvm)

MC version: 1.16 snapshots

Date submitted: 2020-05-15

Downloads: 18

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Gametime for map: 120 min. Map size: 11mb. Map version: 1.1.

Map detailed description:
this map is only full tested in 20w20b (1.16 snapshot) but will probably work in all 1.16 snapshots and the final 1.16 version when it comes!!

this is an newer and better version of my other custom map battle time (1)!! much more settings, upgrades, effects, details, weapons. map created by only me (zombie1111)
fight mobs in a village full of details and mobs, like zombies, blazes, spiders and more. get cash and buy better and better stuff! can you reach the goal?
this map will give you at least 2h of gameplay, but you can continue playing after you have reach the goal!! more information can you find inside the map!

includes a brand new story mode!!

over 140 different quests for you to complete!

52 different mob levels!

cool magical abilities or weapons (hacks ish) like killaura, xray, laser eyes, grenade.

completely change the difficulty or how the mobs spawn or why not change what scores you see on the side? almost everything is possible to change!!

over 380 different upgrades, levels, settings, weapons, abilities, quests for you to explore.

you are able to play this map in multiplayer but you will probably find some more bugs if you do it. if you ever get teleported to the same location again and again or find a huge bug or a bug that often happens please to these things. 1 logout and in from the world, 2 commit suicide kill (ingame name) and start the free mode or story chapter again, 3 type setblock 119 72 -1 minecraft:redstone_block in the chat, 4 if the bug still not fixed please contact me and i will probably fix it in the next update! sorry for grammar errors in the map :(

thanks for downloading and playing
enjoyed the map? i have fantastic news!! i already have good plans for a battle time 3 :)

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