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battle time

Creator: zombie1111

Maptype: Adventure (Fight_Pvp_Pvm)

MC version: 1.15.2

Date submitted: 2020-03-29

Downloads: 18

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Gametime for map: infinity. Map size: . Map version: 1.0.

Map detailed description:
Fight different types of mobs like Zombies, skeletons, blazes, ghosts, bosses and much more in a small little village.
Collect loot from killed mobs and get cash and complete achievements, buy better kits or powerups with the cash you get.
Test your pvE skills in all the 8 diffrent challanges!
You can Change between some settings thats affects for example how many mobs that will spawn in the free mode!
Over 21 diffrent kits and 8 diffrent powerups that you can buy!
Lots of details in the whole pvE village!
11 hard and easy achievements for you to complete
Lots of time and hard work have been spent to give you the best pvE experience!
map created by only me (Zombie1111)
This map is tested in multiplayer and some bugs will be if you play it with friends or something like that! (singleplayer are high recommended)
Thanks for downloading and playing! I hope you have fun.

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