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all in one

Creator: zombie1111

Maptype: Puzzle (Mixed)

MC version: 1.15.2 - 1.16

Date submitted: 2020-03-29

Downloads: 12

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Gametime for map: infinity. Map size: . Map version: 1.0.

Map detailed description:
All in one is an minecraft custom map made by only me (zombie1111) there you can play all diffrent types of maps like parkour, pvE, survival and much more
in one single map! all 41 diffrent levels are countaind in a 32x32x32 area! this is for the most part an medium - easy map but there is someone hard levels!

Over 40 diffrent levels!

3 diffrent gamemodes (random level, random mode and free mode).

Experience like parkour, survival, pvE, crafting, mazes and much more!

All levels are countaind in an 32x32x32 area!

All diffrent types of Environment like nether, desert, plains, mountains, jungle, the end and much more

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