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My acount was blocked or i forgot my password!
If you get blocked or forget your password you need to create a new acount! there isn't a way for you to get your acount back! try to think over what you did, there is probably a good reason why you got blocked. Try to remember you password!

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My map wasn't added!!
If you submit a map and it doesn't get added you can always go to the acount details page to see feedback on the map and possible get some feedback why it wasnt added! If the map doenst get reviewed after one week you can send us a massage in the DISCORD #support chat or submit the map agaian!
If you forgott your account password and want to check feedback anyway, you need the mapname and creator to get it use this link. Our recommendation is still to create a new account AND remember/store your password safely

Star creators!
A star creator is a person that have atleast 4 maps added to! Star creators have a golden crown on the side of the map name and in thier account name! If you are a very good creator you can become a super star creator and get a blue fancy crown instend of a gold crown!

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How to contact.
If you have any updated ideas or will give feedback to the site you can messages us using DISCORD , YOUTUBE or gmail ( (discord #chat channel are recommended) if you need help with something or find something that does not work correctly we recommend you to use the discord #support channel! Remember you need to wait 6h before you can send a new message in #support!
How to vote.
You can vote a map using the thumb up and thumb down button! please vote after you have played the map and don't vote your own map! use it wisely, thanks for your cooperation and understanding!
Can I update the map after i submitted it!
Simple answer no you can't! If you have submitted a map and want to update it you need to submit it again! If you know you are going to update the map many times it is recommended to submit development_prodjekts and then submit the full version of the map! If you are going to update your map many,many times you can contact us and we can make a special conversion/agreement.

If you find a bug later on in the map, you can upload a new map with a higher map revision, this indicates that a new map has been added, please use same map name.

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Is the maps free to download and play?
All maps on are 100% free to download and play!
Are all maps virus free and safe to download?
All maps on has been checked with Norton software to verify no viruses gets added! But we can't guarantee that everything is 100% safe or virus free! If you ever find a virus please contact us in the DISCORD #support channel and we will take a look at it!
The download links doesn't work!
If you find a download link that doesnt work, please contact us in the DISCORD #support channel and we will fix it!
All passwords are stored as md5 hash in the database.
Legal, copyright and maps ?
When you upload your map to you automatically allow us to publish your map and creation together with your Account name and map details in any combination. This right is not limited in time.
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Going live!
We have finally gone live with, we have run a debug trial for some time and we hope that all bugs are fixed, but if you find any, please feedback them to DISCORD #support channel and we will take a look at it. Thanks!.
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