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How to upload a map.

How to upload a map to

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is very obvious, build a map! For more information go here: How to create a map

Step 2: Take some good photos at the map and it is recommended to record a trailer and a map walkthough if you want. Dont forget to save all photos, videos, map files on a good location so you easily can find them when you need them!

Step 3: When the map is done you need to compress the map folder! make sure you have tested the map at least one time, running the complete map to find potential bugs. And that you spawn at the correct position!
-> Select map -> Send To -> Compressed zipped folder.
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Step 4: Now you need to upload the compressed folder to an location so we at can download it! Mediafire are recommanded! Download the map after you uploaded it so you know the download link works.
-> Select map -> Send To -> Compressed zipped folder.
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Step 5: Now its time to go to and login to your account, If you dont have one, its free to create an account. Go here to create or login to add your map.

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Tip! When you create your account you could use your Minecraft ID or something else.

Step 6: Now you need to get the download link for the map! if you are useing mediafire you need to right click at the uploaded map file and then left click on the copy link button! Then you can do ctrl+v to paste the link inside the 'link to file download' field !
-> Select map -> Send To -> Compressed zipped folder.
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Step 7: Now you need to fill all the other required fields,give the map a good name, description and upload at least one good photo on the map, maximum 3 images can be added. Trailer and map walkthough are recommended!t. Creator name is your login name.

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Step 8: You should now be ready to submit the map. If you have missed something, it will be marked with red text! Otherwise you will get an map successfully submitted message!

Only press the submit button when everything is ready, because if all required field have something, it will be uploaded and you will have no possibility later to change anything. Remember that every single map may not get added, for more information: See other information

Spamming maps or submiting trash will result in account blocking!
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Good luck and have fun!

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