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How to create a map.

How to create a map for

There is many diffrent ways you can create a map, and here are some examples and ideas for you to get you started!

First you need to choise a category for your map! Here is a list of all existing categorys in with some shorter description.

Main category Adventure

Horror jump scares, scary sounds, creepy try to not get scared environment.

Storyline Follow a story and get instruction what to do, often are you playing as a role charachter

Fight.pvp.pvm Fight mobs or players and / or upgrade weapons.

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Main category Parkour

Parkour Jump between blocks, test your skills, speed run.

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Main category Puzzle

Mini games Like a game inside minecraft.

Maze Start at a point and try to find a way to the exit.

Escape A mix of maze, storyline and fight.pvp.pvm, fight guards to find the password to an door.

Finding Search for a button or something else and find the way out to complete the level.

Puzzles challanges Logic puzzles, press the correct buttons, drag in leavers to make a way for a Minecart, can also be a quiz.

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Main category Build

We have divided the build section into these categorys, use your imagination and build magnificent creations.

Redstone builds, Castles, Houses, World Citys, Historical.

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Main category survival

Skyblock Survive on a floating island, complete achivements and build to other islands to get better and better stuff.

Survive Survive in a custom build world, find items in chests to survive the night. Can also include a little story.

Hardcore Can be many things example every 5 sec something random happens, you cant jump, you have only a half heart, and much more.

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Or one of the categorys

Other Can be any category thats isnt on the list!

Mixed A mix between the categorys. Only if you have a lot of at least two if the categories.

Development project If you building on a very large and advanced map you can submit alpha version of the map and let players test the map and give feedback. The map must still be playable!! And it must be a very time consuming project.

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Other ideas, hints and tricks.

Dont forget at least some details. Dont build example a parkour in mid air with nothing more than just the blocks you jump on! The only time we will accepts maps with no details is if you have build a very advanced example parkour, when you jump the blocks switches, you can only jump 5 times or something like that!

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Dont make the map to easy or to hard try to find a perfect balance between easy and hard.

Dont forget checkpoints it isnt so fun if you fail and must do everything from the beginning!

Use a good language. Do not use to many bad words like fuck or idiot, a few may be okay depeding on how you use them!!

Dont make it too time consuming. If it takes 35min to upgrade your weapon, most players will get boored (in my opinion).

Give a good amount of instructions. If you have no idea what you should do it will not be too fun but if you know everything you will not be a challenge!

Make a goal! The map will be much funnier if there is a goal to reach or a thanks for playing message.

Dont build something that is too advanced for you! You will probably get lost and tired if you build a map that is so advanced so you dont even know what you are doing. Start small then go big!

Make many backups! How angry will you not be if you accidently set a repeat command block to always active and have it on /kill and lose everything you build in the last 9h.

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Final when the map is done you should test play the whole map at least one time to see so everything works! Then make a copy of the world and call it (the map name) v1.0. Go to how to submit a map for more information about how to upload the map to

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