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-  Parkour JungleIsland  -

Creator: Zombie1111

Playtime: 40min

MC version: 1.16.3

Date submitted: 2020-09-27

Downloads: 4

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Gametime for map: 40min. Map size: 24mb. Map version: v1.1.

Map detailed description:
In this parkour map you are going to parkour around an island. To reach the top you need to beat all different kinds of parkour challanges. Are you on of the few that can attain Netherite rank?

+ Multiplayer friendly!
+ 45 unquie levels and themes!
+ Ranking system and replayability!
+ Be teleported back automatic to the latest checkpoint when you fail a jump!
+ Fun for all different experienced players!
+ Settings to customize your game!
+ Easy to play!

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